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Elemental Chemical Compounds

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55-Cs Cesium (Cs) Compounds

Alkali Metal Compounds

Including: Lithium (Li) Compounds, Sodium (Na) Compounds, Potassium (K) Compounds, Rubidium (Rb) Compounds, Cesium(Cs) Compounds
56-Ba Barium (Ba) Compounds

Alkaline Earth Metal Compounds

Including: Beryllium (Be) Compounds, Magnesium (Mg) Compounds, Calcium (Ca) Compounds, Strontium (Sr) Compounds, Barium (Ba) Compounds
48-Cd Cadmium (Cd) Compounds

Transitional Metal Compounds

Including: Cadmium (Cd) Compounds, Chromium (Cr) Compounds, Cobalt (Co) Compounds, Copper (Cu) Compounds, Gold (Au) Compounds, Hafnium (Hf) Compounds, Iridium (Ir) Compounds, Iron (Fe) Compounds, Manganese (Mn) Compounds, Mercury (Hg) Compounds, Molybdenum (Mo) Compounds, Nickel (Ni) Compounds, Niobium (Nb) Compounds, Osmium (Os) Compounds, Palladium (Pd) Compounds, Platinum (Pt) Compounds, Rhenium (Re) Compounds, Rhodium (Rh) Compounds, Ruthenium (Ru) Compounds, Scandium (Sc) Compounds, Silver (Ag) Compounds, Tantalum (Ta) Compounds, Titanium (Ti) Compounds, Tungsten (W) Compounds, Vanadium (V) Compounds, Yttrium (Y) Compounds, Zinc (Zn) Compounds, Zirconium (Zr) Compounds
13-Al Aluminum (Al) Compounds

Basic Post-transition Metal Compounds

Including: Aluminum (Al) Compounds, Bismuth (Bi) Compounds, Gallium (Ga) Compounds, Indium (In) Compounds, Lead (Pb) Compounds, Thallium (Tl) Compounds, Tin (Sn) Compounds
33-As Arsenic (As) Compounds

Metalloid Semi-Metal Compounds

Including: Arsenic (As) Compounds, Antimony (Sb) Compounds, Tellurium (Te) Compounds, Boron (B) Compounds, Silicon (Si) Compounds, Germanium (Ge) Compounds
15-P Phosphorus (P) Compounds

Basic Nonmetal Compounds

Including: Phosphorus (P) Compounds, Sulfur (S) Compounds, Selenium (Se) Compounds, Carbon (C) Compounds
17-Cl Chlorine (Cl) Compounds

Halogen Compounds

Including: Chlorine (Cl) Compounds, Bromine (Br) Compounds, Iodine (I) Compounds
57-La Lanthanum (La) Compounds

Lanthanide Compounds

Including: Lanthanum (La) Compounds, Cerium (Ce) Compounds, Praseodymium (Pr) Compounds, Neodymium (Nd) Compounds, Samarium (Sm) Compounds, Europium (Eu) Compounds, Gadolinium (Gd) Compounds
90-Th Thorium (Th) Compounds

Actinide Compounds

Including: Thorium (Th) Compounds, Uranium (U) Compounds
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